Zendaya Wiki
Kazembe Coleman
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Hometown: Oakland, California
Occupation(s): Bodyguard, Gym teacher
Official Twitter: @Zendayas_Dad

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman (born: Samuel David Coleman) is Zendaya's father and bodyguard of African-American descent. He is married to Claire Stoermer Coleman. He is very proud of his daughter and is very overprotected.

Personal Life

He and his wife have five children. He is also a grandfather, since all his children, except for his daughter, have their own children. He is currently a full-time bodyguard, sometimes escorting her to different places. He even has his own Facebook account, in which he acts as a manager. He also filters his daughter's account from negative messages. He believes that if daughter dates, she should keep that part of her life private.