Halle Brandon

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Halle Brandon




Student writer

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Halle Brandon is a character that Zendaya plays in the movie, Frenemies. Halle is classified as a geek, and is friends with a "chic". She runs a fashion blog, GeeklyChic, with her best friend, Avalon Greene (portrayed by Bella Thorne ). She is very shy, and gets extremely nervous when she talks to people who she is not familiar with. She is the editor in chief for GeeklyChic. 


Halle is smart, not stylish, and a very talented writer. Avalon tries to give her fashion tips but Halley never listens to her. She feels like her wildest dreams are coming true when a New York City publishing and editing company offers to buy GeeklyChic, until she finds herself fighting with Avalon for the editor posistion.

(text taken from the Frenemies wiki)