The Upcoming 2013 Tour is a tour featuring Zendaya and a few other artists. The tour may begin in late 2013 and into 2014, after Zendaya's Debut Album has been released.


Rehearsals for the tour have started for Replay on May 28, and rehearsals for the rest of the album have proceded all throughout June.

List of Performers

  • Zendaya
  • Zswag Dancers
    • Male Dancers
      • Jake @_jakedeanda_
      • Richard "Lil Swag" Curtis @LilRichSwag
    • Female Dancers
      • Deja Carter
      • Dominique Battiste
      • China Taylor @itschinataylor
      • Brittany Ariana @BrittAndres
      • Stevie Dore ‏@stevielyne
      • Brenna Mendoza @brenna_mendoza
      • Sade Keinu @QueenKeinu
  • Zswag Singers
    • Whitney Boswell @WhitneyRaeB
    • Bella Johannessen @Hellabellajo
    • Sabrina Chago @SabrinaChaco96
    • Vivian Allen @nellav8

Songs Performed